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Brain Supplements was created by Harry Armand PhD – an industry leading tech developer for cancer diagnostics and drug development. He has worked in some of the highest regarded NHS cancer hospitals in the world and regularly presents research findings in medical conferences across the globe. His work has featured in the national press and in peer reviewed academic journals including the Journal of Cancer.


Why Nootropics?


Nootropics and biohacking, or in fact hacking of any nature has always been a passion. From tinkering with electronics in his early days his child-like curiosity has generated several patents ranging from commercial lighting controllers to cancer diagnosis tools. A creative thinker, a doer and a doting father, the safe use of nootropics allows him to comfortably fit everything in and still go home to play with his kids!


Which nootropic would he recommend?


A diligent researcher by trade, he has followed most of the academic research into nootropics. Without a doubt, modafinil is probably the worlds first real smart drug. But not all modafinil is created equal! Some brands of modafinil are more potent than others. His favoured brand is the popular Sun Pharma’s Modalert 200. (You can read about the reason for this here.)


Dismayed with the lack of availability of quality nootropics, such as modafinil, and with rising numbers of fake medicine hitting the UK market he decided to move to India and create Brain Supplements to legally import directly to UK customers. Ever diligent, safety and quality are core values close to his heart. All modafiinil from Brain Supplements is therefore sourced DIRECTLY from one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world. When you buy modafinil from Brain Supplements, you are 100% absolutely guaranteed that quality is NEVER compromised. That is a promise!

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