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Modafinil For Drivers: How to Earn More with Uber

How does a taxi driver out-earn his colleagues while working less hours? And what does that give him in common with the armed forces, Tim Ferriss and Oxford University students?

Uber is a celebrity in the startup world, one of the most famous and disruptive companies on the scene. It’s business model presents an amazing opportunity for people to find clients and work as an in-demand taxi driver in a time of economic uncertainty. How drivers take advantage of this is up to them – setting their own schedule, covering their own patch and impressing their customers.

All drivers get the same support and tools from Uber – what they make of the opportunity is up to them. On two different trips recently I spoke to two different Uber drivers who are doing things very differently.

The first driver was doing his best to hustle and work hard. He worked from 10am to 10pm six days a week and said he earned about £3200 a month on average. Twelve hours in a car on London’s hectic streets, six days a week sounds like pretty hard work but he seemed happy with his pay and pleased to be working to support his family.

Soon after I was in another Uber and struck up the same conversation. This time the story was very different. This driver was making about £5000 a month. Based on the previous conversation I couldn’t imagine how many hours he was pulling to make that much driving Uber. Then he said, ten hours a day, six days a week. But that was less than the first guy, for far more money. How?

His secret wasn’t the number of hours but a split shift routine he devised for himself that covered the busiest, most profitable times to be working. In the morning he was in his car from 4am to 8am. Then back at work from 4pm to midnight. This allowed him to catch the peak travel and commuting times for work, then the busy social evenings in the city.

In contrast the first driver didn’t start work until 10am, missing all the morning rush, and was finished by 10pm, missing the last orders crowd, late shows and people out on the town.

Uber Drivers Using Modafinil

Even though the hours were less it still sounded like a demanding schedule – up for work at 4am. How did he stay alert, stay productive and maintain that schedule six days a week? It was time for the second secret: Modafinil. My driver said he took 200mg of Modalert each day to boost his performance and fight fatigue.

Modafinil is a nootropic, a “smart drug” that is used by the armed forces, Oxbridge students, athletes and long haul lorry drivers. Now this Uber driver was using it to work less hours but earn 56% more than his colleagues.

That is the sort of statistic you see a lot with Modafinil. Athletes and personal trainers report they can train for 22% longer on Modafinil. Laboratory tests show a 10% boost in memory, concentration and focus is enhanced and Modafinil improves decision making and planning. 26% of students at Oxford University take it, with nearly a quarter of students in other prestigious universities too, studying subjects such as law, maths, architecture, science and medicine. It has celebrity fans too, such as productivity guru Tim Ferriss and the Bulletproof Dave Asprey.

The challenging environment of a competitive university and driving an Uber around the capital’s streets have more in common than you might think. People in all sorts of jobs and from all walks of life use Modafinil to stay awake and alert, boost their memory and improve their concentration and focus.

Time management experts like to say that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. That’s true, but the quality and productivity of those 24 hours can be changed.

Taking advantage of peak times like the Uber driver, cramming for exams like the Oxbridge students, training for longer at the gym… you can exceed what you thought was possible when you use Modafinil. You can gain more control over your day and over what time you have available to you. Get more done, enjoy greater focus and work smarter – not harder.

There are other ways to get a little spring in your step and a lot of us use the short term energy bump from a cup of coffee or energy drink to give us a boost first thing in the morning or when we are flagging. Relying on caffeine has its downsides though – it can cause anxiety, a lack of focus, jitteriness and it increases the heart rate. Modafinil has none of caffeine’s side effects plus has been thoroughly tested and found completely safe.

Modafinil started out as a treatment for narcolepsy where sufferers fall asleep unexpectedly and have excessive daytime drowsiness. The ability to stay awake and alert appealed to other people without those conditions – a huge amount of people are sleep deprived or have sleep disorders. It’s estimated that sleep deprivation costs the UK £40 billion a year in lost productivity. Feeling sluggish and tired makes us less creative, less good at problem solving, less focused, irritable, moody and accident-prone. No wonder scientists realised Modafinil would be popular and could make a huge difference in people’s lives. Modafinil was soon found to have other brain boosting properties like improved memory, that made it a true “smart drug”.

With caffeine causing health problems and the abuse of prescription drugs like Ritalin and Adderall becoming a growing issue, Modafinil is a legal and safe way to fight fatigue, stay alert, improve your memory and find focus. Buying Modalert from Brain Supplements makes it easy, with fast delivery, quality packaging and great prices from our trusted laboratories.

The Uber driver using Modafinil to get ahead is just one of more and more people changing their lives with smart drugs. Working smarter, boosting the brain’s natural abilities and achieving amazing goals.

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