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Modafinil As A Physical Performance Enhancer

Today’s busy society dictates that we aim high and achieve peak performance, and that sleep or depleted energy levels should not interfere with our ability to perform. Athletes have found Modafinil to be an effective compliment to their training. Bodybuilders, physical trainers, and other sports persons require a great deal of focus to achieve the results they desire. Imagine being mentally exhausted after a long day of work, yet you have not done any physical activity. You then begin a workout, but became fatigued part way through, so your training suffers.

There may be days when you are lacking in the mental focus or physical energy necessary to train at optimum levels. You may find that work or school schedules prevent training for these same reasons. In situations such as these, athletes have found Modafinil to be helpful.

Modafinil works in such a way that it enables the user to remain awake for a very long time, and enhances focus and performance without feeling fatigued. While it promotes a prolonged wakefulness, it is not stimulating or harmful in the way amphetamine, cocaine, or caffeine are known to be.

Unlike stimulants such as the above, Modafinil does not affect the heart rate nor does it have the same negative side effects associated with stimulants. It does, however share the same ability to boost motivation. Tests on athlete have shown a 22% increase in time to exhaustion when performing physical activity while using Modafinil.

There are obvious concerns when using performance boosters, so just how safe is Modafinil? Studies of the drug have shown it to be very well tolerated in humans, with no major side effects, and most importantly, no deaths recorded to date in over 17 years of it being available in more than 20 countries. Read more detailed information here, where you will find links to scientific reports on Modafinil (link to 1st article).

A good example of its use is with the armed forces, which needs service men and women that can resist fatigue for extended periods, while maintaining high levels of physical performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Armed Forces and Air Force in particular are experimenting with performance drug Modafinil for keeping troops and pilots alert for prolonged periods of time.

Users of Modafinil have often remarked that they cannot tell any difference after taking a dose. However, many hours later, they realise that they feel no fatigue, yet their attention and wakefulness are very much the same as many hours earlier.

For further reading on an in depth study of the effects Modafinil, please click here.

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The author is a widely published clinical researcher and long time user of modafinil. Clinical experience includes cancer diagnostics development. He has a special interest in the field of nootropics and cognitive enhancers.